January 2017

Paula Moehlenkamp.JPG

Welcome Paula!

Paula Moehlenkamp is a new Biological Oceanography graduate student co-advised with Margaret McManus. She will be working with Aka Beebe to understand the changes associated with removing the Mangrove Island at Heʻeia Fishpond.

#IamSTEM blog on Colors of STEM website

Rosie was invited to share her science story on the Colors of Stem "I am STEM" blog. Although women make up 48% of the workforce, they hold only 23% of STEM positions.By telling our colorful and inspirational stories about our STEM journey to others, we can show what is possible!

Papaku Makawalu workshop in Hilo

We headed off to Hilo this month to participate in training to understand ancestral knowledge pertaining to the Hawaiian akua of Kane. It was an amazing experience that broadened our interpretations of the natural world.